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K1 Approved – We Did It!

We did it!!!

My K1 visa interview was at the US Consulate General Montreal on May 3 2017 at 8:30 AM and I am happy to report that I was APPROVED… in a manner of minutes. Ben and I are so excited!

Actually, the whole interview was rather uneventful. I arrived in Montreal the night before with my mother (she accompanied me as Ben is busy in Lanc studying for his boards) and I spent basically the whole night doubled over with stomach cramps due to stress, working on arranging, re-arranging, labelling, relabelling, and everything in between for my 200+ page binder of evidence (I’m thinking somewhere in the realm of 300-400 pages of paperwork from our lawyers, forms, photos, tickets, receipts, screenshots, phone records, you name it). I woke up multiple times throughout the night fearing I’d forgotten a document I needed or my sealed medical packet would have some horrible result that would be revealed at my interview.

ALAS, the interview itself might have been the easiest thing I ever experienced – JOB INTERVIEWS have been scarier and more complex. I will post a video or blog about my actual K1 interview later but all said, I waited in a waiting room for about 1 hour and had about 1-3 minutes of actual interview/facetime with agents and officers.

Afterwards I met up with my mom at Starbucks, grabbed a celebratory Green Tea Latte (my fave), and Facetimed my dude with the good news!


(post GTL celebrations with Ben – public sob-fest not pictured)

They told me I was “advanced”, whatever that means, and I had my status changed from appointment > administrative processing > issued in a matter of two days! I have yet to receive my visa in hand, but when I do (some time within 5 business days) I will be legally able to enter the US an marry Ben within 90 days!


(expedited shipping, first class, duty free)

We can’t wait for everything that’s coming next! Now – to pack!


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