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One More Week

This is my first post, but it’s also a post about the beginning of the end. On May 3rd 2017, one week from today, I’ll be in Montreal, Canada for my K1 visa interview. When Ben and I began discussing the K1 visa as a possibility for us sometime late January 2016, I had hoped that it would be possible for me to be approved at some point in June 2017, but it felt soooooooo far away – I can’t believe it’s actually here!

It’s a surreal feeling – I think most of this process (we formally filed mid/early November 2016, though we began getting our documents together at the beginning of July (obviously not including the documents I’d been hoarding from all our visits over the last year)) has been about getting to this point, getting here, and it felt very far away and very uncertain, and now it’s all come together – I have my medical results, my interview package from our lawyers, a binder full of pages and pages of evidence proving our relationship and our love. Nothing is a blind panic of rushing and waiting and for the first time since July 2016, I feel calm.

Friday is my last day of work, so I can take a month before our “wedding” (non-legal religious ceremony and celebration with family in Canada) to gather my things and prepare for my move to the US and legally marry Ben, as well as spend time with my family. I’ve been here for over two years and I never really felt like leaving was a possibility, like I could quit and not have a backup plan. I keep telling people that closing this chapter of my life feels kinda like the peaceful end of a TV series you’ve been watching for years, you’re happy it’s ending the way it’s ending but you’re really sad it’s over.

This seemed an appropriate time to start my blog. I started it several times, pushing back and forth trying to decide if it were a good idea to be so public about my immigration process while going through my immigration process, but I mean, I’ve made it this far. Now all there really is to do is patiently wait. I planned to spend days rehearsing, practicing, reading over everything, but why would I? I love my fiance, I know everything about him, and I really feel like I’m finally ready to take this step and start our new life.

Welcome to my blog – Annie here, your 90 day fiance making the move from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA to be with my fiance & best friend, Ben. Follow my journey from Canada to the USA and life for a Canadian in 2017 America here, and learn more about the K1 process along the way!

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